Format of Cause Description

1.    Start with one liner objective for seeking Zakat funds as the Title of your cause. The purpose of a title is to persuade donors to click into your cause. Cause title is therefore most                 important because 80 % of the donors will not open the cause unless they understand it and attracted by the title.

2.    Describe your cause, step by step as mentioned below-
                a.    About yourself (Name, age, occupation). 
                b.    About Family (Members in the family).
                c.    About your Financial and Earning situation.
                d.    Clear objective for seeking zakat funds (Should be in line with cause title).
                e.    Elaborate your fund requirements and how are you going to utilize the funds.
                f.    Inform donors about positive impact that funds are going to make in the life of beneficiary. This is to inspire donor to donate for your cause.
                g.    End up with appealing and motivational remarks.

3.    Attach supporting documents as per your cause description. It will vary as

Medical        Education     Livelihood Support
Dr. Prescription/ Written Medical Diagnosis Latest Marksheet BPL card
Reference letter from Hospital with Cost Quote Admission confirmation document Ration card
Latest Bills (large amount) Reference letter from educational institution Rent agreement / Cost estimate of asset to be purchased (Vehicle, Shop etc.)
  Fee structure and schedule