How to raise a cause

1.    Sign up as Individual or NGO at Activate your account from link in the confirmation email. Check if sometimes confirmation email is received in Junk / Spam folders.

2.    Log in with your user id and password. 

3.    Click on the “raise a cause” button, at the right top of the home page.

4.    Upload a suitable image as a primary image / banner of your cause. Choose a single clear image/ photo, do not use image with multiple photos in it.

5.    Choose a category relevant to your cause. Like Education, Orphan support etc.

6.    Enter Zakat Amount. Enter only exact amount required for the cause as you have to provide breakdown of utilization of the amount.

7.    Enter City Name, and for village or town, you can enter the district city name. Donor will choose to donate for a city, and they will be able to search your cause if you will  enter the              correct city or district name.

8.    Select end date for upto maximum 45 days.  The cause will be automatically completed at the end date.

9.    Describe the cause in detail. Refer the document “How to write content of a cause”.

10.   Attach upto 5 documents as per requirement of the cause. Max 5 files can be uploaded. Max file size is 5 MB. Allowed file types: JPEG, PNG and PDF.
         Do not upload ID Proof and Aadhar card with complete details like address, Aadhar no etc. Modify the images to overwrite personal information or use stickers on numbers and                   address.

11.   Verify all the details and finally submit the cause by clicking on the button. A unique cause id will be generated which you can use for your future references.

12.   Cause will be pending in the System. Send KYC documents (Aadhar / PAN ID and Address Proof) to with cause ID in the subject.  

13.   Admin team will review the cause details and documents and can either approve, return, or reject the cause. From dashboard, you will be able to resubmit cause after corrections.

14.   Once approved, the cause will be active on the portal for donations.