(IZC) Ramzan Quiz 2021 (IZC) Ramzan Quiz 2021


Welcome to IZC Ramzan Quiz 2021! How much do we know about our religion? Do we have what it takes to be a genuine representative of this awesome religion, that we call Islam? Compete against a host of participants Or just test yourself and understand your Islamic score. In any case you will be the winner with the increase in your Islamic Knowledge. is delighted to announce a spiritual Ramzan Quiz 2021 for all. This quiz will bring you in contact with India’s first Zakat based crowd-funding platform, so besides testing your knowledge and that of your family and friends, you may even check on various Zakat-worthy causes and help to promote them on social media and among our contacts. You will thus get the additional benefit of not just participating in IZC Ramzan Quiz 2021, but also helping the needy get funds through your efforts. All in all, a double winner for you, inshaAllah!


More Benefits

  • Ramzan Quiz will encourage one and all from all age groups for learning and further understanding of Islam
  • It will keep us all engaged during the sacred month of Ramzan
  • It will develop positive curiosity towards learning Islam and Islamic history
  • It will boost Islamic and spiritual knowledge of all participants


Guidelines and Rules

  1. The duration of the quiz is from 1st to 29th/30th of Ramzan.
  2. Quiz questions will be posted on where participants can directly answer
  3. Questions will be based on Islam, Islamic history, Biography of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his Companions (Raziallahu Anhum) etc
  4. Attempting all questions is mandatory.
  5. The top winners will be announced on the 1st Day of Eid-ul-Fitr in India.
  6. IZC Certificate of participation will be given to those who attempt all questions.


Free Registration

Kindly fill out the below given form for registration soon and start answering, a question each day from 1st Ramzan!

Registration link: RamzanQuiz 2021 Registration.


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Day 30 brings Ramzan Quiz 2021 in collaboration with is a journey with the goal of connecting the community for collective progress, starting with a digital-first marketing and technology solutions initiative for growth-focused social impact organizations and more of such community initiatives. For further details on how you can benefit, visit now



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